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Creating And Promoting A Culture of Respect

Today, in a world such as ours, we find society at odds with one another. Differing opinions, politics, ethics – they all make for conflict. We can address this in many ways, but today we'd like to share a few ideas to start you on your journey to a more respectful, compassionate self and the culture you perpetuate daily. 

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Practicing Mindfulness This Holiday Season

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, life can be seemingly more stressful than usual. We're met with financial, social and environmental stressors that can render an individual nearly unwell. Holding these truths in mind, we can acknowledge them and find ways to surpass these stressful obstacles with a little help from a few strategies that awaken our mindfulness and bring calm to this time of year. Read on for a few recommendations from our Regenrus family to yours. 

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