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Enter REGEN, our flagship product leading the Mindful Marketplace and Social Impact Community experience that is Regenrus.

In our modern world, we face constant stresses and challenges to our natural balance. To help us to regain our ideal lifestyle and feeling of well being, we can look to our long trusted plant allies for help. At Regenrus, we have made a commitment to seek out the finest ingredients that draw upon long traditions and newly validated scientific research to formulate a new generation of products that restore balance and facilitate our health and wellness. It's time to grow into the best version of you, let us help. Let REGEN be part of your evolution.

Our chosen plant allies of hemp, aloe vera, and turmeric have deep and rigorously-validated supportive impact on the many systems our bodies rely on to thrive. Our integrative health and wellness approach, backed by science, has led us to choose this powerful combination.  Together, these three ingredients will complement our daily wellness practices with the ideal support for our bodies to be in natural balance, or homeostasis.

With REGEN, we bring our bodies and our community to a lasting state of homeostasis, a state of balance and well being that persists and resists the many challenges that we endure in our modern environment. By incorporating these ancient plant allies into our daily nutrition, we can have an immediate and lasting impact on our body, lifestyle, and our world. The way we deliver them to you is the final step -- our products use liposomal encapsulation, which wraps ingredients in a membrane that mimics cell communication through a phospholipid bilayer. This delivery process allows the tiny drops of our extracts to be easily integrated into your body's cellular systems, promoting healthy and balanced activity.

Feel better and feel confident in your health.

Feel better and feel confident in your health.

Never before have these three powerful natural ingredients been combined together into one product.  Individually, each ingredient (hemp oil, aloe vera and turmeric) have profound and wonderful effects on the body.  Combining these three powerhouses together into one product is revolutionary, and we know this will be life-changing for so many – not only in our daily health and wellness but with the work we are doing in our Social Impact Community as well.

Just as REGEN helps facilitate regenerative systems in your body to nurture a healthy balanced body and mood, Regenrus as a business is deeply focused on regenerating the environment, helping animals, and contributing to social causes. We do this by sourcing ingredients ethically and integrating a social impact giving model where every sale contributes a direct donation to a worthy cause. This is our mission, our heart work, and the way we make the right decisions to help the planet while helping our customers.

Feel better and feel confident in your health. We proudly believe REGEN should be part of your daily routine so that you may live life to your fullest potential. From the youthful people seeking to invigorate their prime years and who look forward to aging gracefully while maintaining their vigor, to the golden generation propelling forward to many more years living their lives in full enjoyment and vitality.

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Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.