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Growing in Partnership: Empirical Labs

When Regenrus took its first steps into the world as an organization, a growing Ohana eager to create positive change in the world through our actions, we assured ourselves that all parties involved would be likeminded in their passions to support People, Animals and Planet.Introducing Empirical Labs, a Colorado-based nutraceutical manufacturing facility and our partner in creating the amazing Liposomal Delivery system our products use today. Join us as we share our celebration and insight on the importance of this incredible partnership that will aid us in creating a global impact. 

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Mindfulness Business Practices

At Regenrus, our foundational focus on mindfulness leads us to have a core team that creates authentically and is imbued with mutual support, a community of entrepreneurs that are tied by higher values and shared purpose, and a marketplace of products that are in alignment with the best possible production practices.

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Woman-founded, Women-Led: The Meaning & Importance

In 2009 at the Peace Conference in Canada the Dalai Lama famously stated that “Western women will save the world.”  Although we can’t predict the future, we can make choices that help turn us in the right direction. 

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