Product Teaser - Rest

"I studied, I met with medical doctors, scientists, and I’m here to tell you that the way to a more productive, more inspired, more joyful life is: getting enough sleep.” – Arianna Huffington

Every night as we take our bodies to rest, something magical happens.

We restore our vitality, we become aligned for the challenges ahead, and we heal the body. But the degree to which we experience these benefits of our natural cycles is completely up to us. We can choose to overexert and under-nurture, to overwork and under-rest. Have you experienced the increased stress that comes from lack of sleep? We can choose to play out the cultural narrative of workaholism that leaves many professionals and entrepreneurs ragged at the end of the day.

Or... we can stop, restore, and prepare ourselves to shine.

Enter REST, one of our greatly anticipated products in development. A potent combination of calm-enhancing botanicals delivered in a pump that uses innovative technology to enable your body to truly rest and restore. As always, our products are sourced from ethical, values-aligned producers.

To have a thriving and balanced life, we need to take time to revitalize and restore our minds and bodies each night. With all the stimulation and activity that we put energy into in the modern world, it can be hard to settle down and slip into deep rest when the night arrives.


Our REST product has been formulated with renowned and well-studied restfulness and calm-enhancing botanical ingredients to help you regain your energy and restore your motivation every night. We've added the terpene-rich extracts of hops and lavender to heighten the effectiveness and synergize with our REGEN product so that your EndoCannabinoid System is best balanced for nighttime recovery. But it's not just about the ingredients, it’s also about how REST gets them into your body: it’s called liposomal encapsulation.

Every cell in your body is wrapped in a protective and responsive cellular membrane. Your cells work in harmony with each other and communicate across this barrier using many natural compounds. Our product is wrapped in a membrane that mimics this process called a phospholipid bilayer so that the tiny drops of our extracts are easily integrated into the healthy and balanced activity of your body's cellular systems. Our system uses safe, non-toxic, nutritive ingredients and avoids any processes that might damage or reduce the effect of any of our products. Liposomes dramatically increase the bioavailability of our products so that you know every drop makes the maximum positive impact on your wellbeing.

At Regenrus, our mission rallies around healing the damaging behaviors that plague our planet, our bodies, and our lifestyles. Our model of social impact and giving back, the wholesome vision behind our product line, and our core values all seek to sustain and regenerate.

REST is here to help you bring your whole being into alignment through deep restoration.

REST, truly.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.